Miguel wants to be noticed.

Miguel Cordero Ruiz always considered himself straight, but his sexy anatomy professor, Dr. Cummings, is making him seriously rethink that. While the professor who lives across the street is supposedly a “bird watcher,” it’s rumored he’s really spying on the male students who live in Miguel’s building. When rumor is confirmed as fact, Miguel decides to give the professor a show he won’t forget.

Aldrich is afraid of being seen.

Aldrich Cummings has led a lonely existence. That all changes when he sees his gorgeous new neighbor moving in across the street. When he discovers the guy he’s been secretly watching from his office window is not only aware of his audience, but is enjoying it, Aldrich is even more entranced. Miguel is his student, and therefore off-limits, but what the administration doesn’t know won’t hurt them.

It was supposed to be harmless and meaningless voyeurism.

As time passes, the desire between them burns so brightly it inevitably explodes. Both will face consequences if the university finds out what the professor and his student have been getting up to. They will need to navigate the obstacles in their path to find the happiness both have been searching for.

Now You See Me is a steamy 78,000 word stand-alone MM novel. It contains one not-straight Navy vet, one professor afraid of being touched, nosy relatives, nosier neighbors, troublesome colleagues, voyeurism, The Pleasure Chest, a bondage staircase, binoculars, a Maginot Line made from pillows, and a HEA for two men who deserve happiness.



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