Daddy Issues — Available 8/21/18

Daddy Issues eBook Cover

Marek Wisniewski is a man used to being obeyed, whether it’s by his patients or his lovers. When he’s hired to be an in-home nurse for an extremely difficult old man, he’s certain he can handle it until he comes face to face with Ryan, his client’s son. Both men have reasons to dislike each other, and neither is pleased when they’re forced to live under the same roof. Ryan wants Marek gone, and Marek wants to bring the beautiful and spoiled Ryan to his knees.

Ryan Chadwick seems to live a charmed life, but underneath his polished veneer of arrogance and success, he’s miserable. Ryan feels increasingly like his carefully constructed life is spinning out of control. All it’ll take is one little push to bring his world crashing down around him.

Marek and Ryan clash again and again, causing Ryan to further question who he is and what he wants. Marek brings out a side in him he didn’t know existed, a side that wants to please and obey. Marek’s desire to teach Ryan a lesson in humility becomes, over time, a lesson to show Ryan that who, and what, he wants isn’t shameful.

Two very different men come together and discover that what you want, and what you need, aren’t always the same thing. They find that you need to pace yourself at a Polish dinner, how building snowmen is not rocket science, that a mansion on a lake doesn’t guarantee happiness, and most of all, the importance of letting go.

Daddy Issues is a 90,000 word steamy romance in the North Shore Stories series. It contains BDSM elements, fisting, a blanket fort, an embarrassing butt plug, lots of food, and a HEA. This book follows Be My Mistake and Damage Control, but can be read as a stand-alone novel.

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